Statement (18.05.2020)

Dear employees, customers and business partners,
Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have continuously and promptly implemented all measures to protect our employees, customers and business partners, and we will continue to do so consistently.
The health and safety of our employees is always our highest priority. Beyond the company, we also consider it our duty to act responsibly and do our part to protect our customers, suppliers and other partners. This requires a high degree of creativity and flexibility from all of us. What has been up to now is different and many things are likely to change.

We continuously monitor all aspects of the Covid-19 situation, evaluate all new developments and take measures to protect our employees. For example, we sensitized our employees at a very early stage with regard to social distancing and informed them about hygiene and safety measures.

Wherever possible, we have moved workplaces to the home office and there is a general travel ban. We have had good experience with mobile working. SE has established processes to ensure the continuity of logistics and production.

To protect our employees, we do everything we can to implement the recommendations and occupational safety regulations of the authorities. It is a challenging situation for all parents when day-care centres, kindergartens and schools are closed. Together we have sought a solution to help them overcome these challenges.

Our priorities remain: (1) to ensure the health and safety of our employees; (2) to meet our commitments to customers and partners and support them as much as possible; and (3) to ensure business continuity.

Our challenges are mainly supply chain related, especially sourcing from Northern Italy and China as well as transport logistics were strongly affected. But our strengths also include a strong team, a high order backlog, a solid balance sheet and resilient business relationships with customers and suppliers. Therefore, Covid-19 will not significantly affect Siekmann Econosto economically this year. However, at the present time it is not possible to assess or even quantify the mid-term to long-term consequences. However, we are optimistic.

We are doing everything in our power to maintain operations at our sites in Dortmund and Zwenkau in order to support our customers and partners as much as possible, naturally in compliance with strict hygiene and safety regulations. – And we work closely with you.

Dear employees, dear customers, dear business partners: Thank you for continuing to be able to count on you. We are keeping our distance, yet we are moving closer together. And we are looking forward to the time when we can return to a, albeit new, normality.

Stay cautious and healthy!

Michael Tielking, Ulrich Heemann