We develop and supply a comprehensive portfolio of industrial valves. These include gate valves, globe valves, check valves, ball valves, butterfly valves and various special valves. In addition, we are able to implement valve modifications tailored to individual customer requests within a short period of time.

Every industrial sector has its own individual demands on a valve. These requirements relate to, among other things, the medium to be conveyed as well as different pressure ranges, different temperatures and other factors, such as environmental influences. Siekmann is able to modify its products exactly to customer specifications. The result is optimum functionality, durability and cost-effectiveness. In short, we adapt valves to the applications – and not vice versa. Our portfolio includes:

  • Construction and testing of actuators (electric, pneumatic, hydraulic), installation of valve positioners, position indicators, interlocks, chain wheels, sealing water connections and spindle extensions
  • Special welded end processing
  • “Oil and grease-free” model for use in high-purity oxygen

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